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Ice cream berry sensation


This is the ultimate Rescue Me dessert. It takes only a few minutes to put together. I made it  last week for my teenage son and his friends. All I could hear was WOW and it disappeared in seconds.  This is the quickest ice cream cake ever, and the best dessert to serve when you don’t have time to make one. It looks amazing and tastes delicious. You can substitute fresh berries for frozen ones, just let them defrost prior to serving for about 30 minutes.


2 litre vanilla ice cream tub
500 g of strawberries.
250 g of blueberries.
3 teaspoons icing sugar.


Wash strawberries and berries and hull and cut in half most of strawberries leaving a few whole ones. Fill 1/2 a cup with strawberries and blend using a hand held blender. Add icing sugar and blend for a few minutes so you have a smooth strawberry coulis.

Run ice cream tub under hot water for a few seconds and flip it unto a tray. Make sure the sides are loose  by moving the sides outwards before you tip it. It needs to come out in one piece. Pour strawberry blend on top, and decorate with remaining strawberries and blueberries. Serve immediately.

Strawberry coulis poured on top of ice cream.

Strawberry coulis poured on top of ice cream.

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