Full Stop.

Do not judge me by my size
I am almost invisible
on a white page
I could be mistaken for a spec of dust.
Power is not in how big you are,
power is in how big your actions are.

Oh! The responsibilities I have
Please, can’t you see my size!
A barrage of words flow towards me,
at seeing me
they slam the brakes to a halt.
I do my job,
and carry others on my shoulders
to help them do their jobs too.

Oh! What parasites!
You, the exclamation and the interrogation mark
What is an exclamation mark without me!
What is a question mark without me!
When will you grow up, get off my back
and stand on your own feet?
I, make you complete
without me, ellipsis will cease to exist.
A colon needs my twin and me.

I am the smallest of the lot
And yet, the mightiest
Full Stop.

A poem by Danielle Dona

7 thoughts on “Full Stop.

  1. Congratulation my dear sister
    A poetic star is born, loved the poem! I wonder where do you get your poetic talent from…hmmmmmm….

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