Mark Tredinnick / Poet of the Month

Poet of the Month – September

Mark Tredinnick is a celebrated poet, nature writer, writing teacher, and essayist. He lives and writes along the Wingecarribee River, southwest of Sydney, and he travels widely in Europe and America as a poet and teacher. The winner in 2011 of the Montreal Poetry Prize and in 2012 of the Cardiff Poetry Prize, Mark is the author most recently of Bluewren Cantos (Pitt Street Poetry, 2013) and the editor of Australian Love Poems 2013. His thirteen books include Fire Diary, The Blue Plateau, Australia’s Wild Weather, and The Little Red Writing Book. Mark’s other honours include two Premier’s literary awards, the Blake and the Newcastle Poetry Prizes, the Calibre Essay Prize, and a shortlisting for the Prime Minister’s Literary Prize. His third poetry collection, Body Copy, will be out in 2014 from Pitt Street Poetry; he is at work on a fourth collection and a memoir, Reading Slowly at the End of Time.

          One of our great poets of place—not just of geographic place, but of the spiritual           and moral landscapes as well … a Whitmanesque Emily Dickinson.

                    —Judith Beveridge

          In virtuosic syntax and with breathtaking syntax, he makes the landscape…flame           and sing. And then there is the sheer specific beauty of what’s displayed and           contemplated in his work.

                    —Sinéad Morrissey

          Tredinnick has a tenderly erotic way of taking things. Every poem is a love poem.

                    —Philip Gross

          This is a bold, big-thinking poetry, in which ancient themes (especially the theme           of our human relationship with landscape) are recast and rekindled.

                    —Andrew Motion

          Like the singing of birds, Mark’s poetry feels artlessly beautiful, but only because
          of the exceptional art,which keeps the music of what’s being said mesmerizing.
          Behind the flowing lines and hypnotic melodies, there is as much control of the
          rhythm and counterpoint and harmony as there is in any of the compositions by
          Bach or Mozart or Debussy, composers who compete with all the real birds in
          Mark’s Wingecarribee landscape

                    —Jean Kent (of Bluewren Cantos)



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