An unconventional breakfast at the market

La Boqueria food market at Rambla in Barcelona is a feast, both for the eyes and the belly. I discovered this morning that all sorts of delights are served really early on, no need to wait for lunch to indulge in seafood, paella, and so much more. It was raining lightly this morning, and a bit somber outside, but the stalls in the market were lit up with all sorts of vibrant colours. Juices and sliced fruits were arrayed in large quantities adding to their glory; and the fruit shops arranged their produce in such an appetizing, artistic manner.
Over here breakfast is served in a cone filled with potatoes, sausages and a fried egg, wrapped with a burrito. Paella was also rolled into a Burrito, and the empanadas had all sorts of colours, orange, green, and red. There were quite a few food bars serving their specialities with wine, beer and cava, a sparkling wine similar to champagne. Dry cured Hams, Jamón, were in abundance, and freshly sliced by hand, no slicing machines.




We walked around and then decided to take a seat at the bar in a seafood place called Universal Kic. I was summoned by the platter of mixed mushrooms on display on top of the bar, which also featured all sorts of fresh seafood. We were told earlier on that autumn has marked the start of the mushroom season, and the varieties looked delicious. This place was pretty cool for a market place, I especially loved the disco ball hanging in the centre. It had forks and spoons arranged in a modern design, and it hung above a lovely arrangement of flowers. I ordered the sautéed mushrooms along with a Spanish omelette and a plate of
Navajas, razor clams. I have been so keen on trying these cylinder shaped clams ever since I arrived, and I was not disappointed. They were juicy, with a bit of sweetness in the centre. They were barbecued with some garlic, and as they were placed in the plate, the cook drizzled a sauce of finely minced parsley and oil on top. My brunch was heavenly.



We were told yesterday by our guide from the walking tour, that the market is extremely popular with the locals, and that the price of fruits, veggies and meats is in fact better than at supermarkets. I found that the cooked food to be reasonably priced, and what’s great about it is that the seafood, vegetables and fruits are extremely fresh. Best of all was the atmosphere, and the abundance of food that surrounded us. The market had everything from spices, chillies, dried fruits, all kinds of meat and even chocolates.




13 thoughts on “An unconventional breakfast at the market

  1. Just looking at the rainbow of colors I feel so refreshed, I loved this place too but certainly a visit with you Zeina will add a whole new dimension to the experience

  2. This is one of my favourite markets – spent Christmas in Barcelona a few years back and haunted this place for breakfast/brunch as well as buying lots of things to bring back with me to London. Your post has brought back lots of wonderful memories!

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