Peter Boyle / Poetry

Apologising to Unicorns

Apologising to unicorns is problematic. They rarely understand our purposes. Tenderness will often be seen as the manipulative gestures of a fear that seeks death – for itself and others. Unicorns sleep most comfortably in heavy traffic where the hum of self-absorbed commuters leaves them invisible. To find a unicorn in a forest is like falling asleep in English and waking up fluent in Pashtun. Someone may well have done it. Unicorns sense above all our uncertainty of ourselves, our not belonging, our poor talent for letting the miraculous be. Stripped back to primal desecration, our hearts still yearn for unicorns. We trail our clouded mirrors in the waters of sky-stretched ponds. Although they will never look to us for food or shelter unicorns are reluctant to abandon their legend of our existence. Our one virginity is that we are not yet born.

©Peter Boyle

(published in Towns in the Great Desert: New and Selected Poems, Puncher and Wattman, 2013)

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2 thoughts on “Apologising to Unicorns

    • 🙂 Peter’s sense of humor is prevalent in so many of his poems. Keep sn eye on two more of Peter’s poems to be published this month. Thank u so much for ur comment, so glad u enjoyed it.

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