Poetry / Stuart Barnes

10:15 Saturday Night

The oranges made a gorgeous, swollen pile.
—Fiona McFarlane, The Night Guest

10:15 on a Saturday night: my
housemate’s asleep, Tiger Coils roil an air
wet as whelps (a bitch yelps), Mulder’s chest hair
exposes itself like clockwork. Grindr

trills       Bud what ya into      Familiar thrill.
in general? in bed?       Whatevs HAHA
proving his youth. I thumb Olds’ ‘Bruise Ghazal’.
write, edit, cook, swim, dance; vers      Goosepimples:

You sound SO fucking GAY       Which is nearly
a rehash of the torment of high school:
orange, swollen fags (not jocks, gorgeous, cool)
bashing brainy fags. It’s immense, the fear

of gay men. The rage it creates. The sorrow.
To crash tonight’s to burn tomorrow.

© Stuart Barnes

First published in Rabbit Poetry Journal, 2014

Poet’s note: “Written while watching The X-Files, this poem is about alienation—geographic, domestic and social.”

Photo by © Stuart Barnes

Photo by © Stuart Barnes

One thought on “10:15 Saturday Night

  1. ‘Written while watching The X-Files’ … while sitting in the kitchen sink? 😉 One of my favourite Cure songs, that. I’m ‘into’ this poem too, the way it collages candid with (pithy) commentary … if that’s the right word. And the double meaning of ‘the fear of gay men’ really reverberates back through the whole poem, and beyond.

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