Jad El Hage

Poet of the Month – April

Jad El Hage is a Lebanese / Australian poet, novelist and playwright. He published his first creative works of poetry in 1966. He has worked as a journalist since he was sixteen, and also as a book editor and radio-broadcaster in Beirut, Paris (Radio Monte Carlo), Athens (Harlequin Arab World), London (BBC World Service) and Sydney. His published works include in Arabic, one novel, seven collections of poetry and two of short stories, one play for radio and four for theatre. He has three novels in English – The Last Migration (Panache Publications) the Myrtle Tree (Banipal Books, London) And One Day in April (Quartet Books, London). His Arabic work has been translated into French, German, Dutch, Spanish and English.

Jad El-Hage

Jad El Hage

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