Jad El Hage / Poetry

Paris Poste Restante

Dry defying fingers drop
Today’s papers before me –
A youth drank and bled
He made the front page
Dotted by the morning drizzle

I’d seen him before
A rocky village on his shoulders
He sang out of tune:
‘I wish love was an open door
I wish love was a raining rainbow’
Mad, he wailed:
Give me, and take me
Stick your stamps on my tongue
Drop me into the mail box
Slap me
Come on bat an eye lid!
Are we in a songless city
The pounding hammers to stop
The migrant swans to pass
Are we in a deserted city where
No child dares the traffic lights
No peddlers cross the parks
Take my fresh blood with love
Write me lonesome letters—

It’s raining
His paper face in tears
His soul twinkles
Around the street lamp
Goodbye Paris, goodbye!

© Jad El Hage

Arabic Poem was previously published in 26 Poems ( Dar Annahar, 1979).
Rendered from Arabic by Ahmad Shboul and Jad El Hage

Paris, 2007  Photo by Zeina Issa

Paris, 2007
Photo by Zeina Issa

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