Carravagio in the Underworld

i. my darling, this night
and your mouth soft ochre
under the tallow
that wakes us –
where we taste salted-wine,
and I pull the sea’s black reach
from under your
skin – sea witch,
your squall of dark pearls
undone, your hair
a black furlong.
And I give
you sea-flowers,
relics – a daub of light
over the fall
of your thighs –
your dress
wet with saltwater,
come close,
my darling – closer to the fire.

© Davina Allison

First published in The Galway Review

Davina’s poetry has appeared in journals such as Poetry Scotland, The Glasgow Review of Books, The Lampeter Review, and The Australian Poetry Journal. She has a PhD in Text Linguistics.

Water Serpents by Gustav Klimt

Water Serpents by Gustav Klimt

5 thoughts on “Carravagio in the Underworld

  1. I can feel movement in each word..they are beautifully put together that when I read it aloud it creates certain harmony that may not really audible to our ears but we felt it…

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